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Nurture and Restore 
A Two-class Yoga Series w/ Corri Broner
December 12 and 19; 2:00 to 3:15 PM

Using basic restorative yoga poses and simple body-mind techniques, we will explore the energies of relaxation, letting go, and rejuvenation.

Come however you are and leave with All of You. People of all skill levels are welcome!

Attend one or both classes. Face coverings will be required.

Cost: $10 drop-in; $8 w/ a Lotus Center class card.  Questions? Please write Corri at

Heart Conversations
1st and 3rd Sundays; 2:00 to 3:30 PMLocation: Back garden of Light Art Space
That these times are unprecedented is something everyone understands.

While there’s been a lot of challenge and suffering, it’s also been a great opportunity to reflect and contemplate. Many of us have had the time and mental space to think about and experience things like uncertainty, forgiveness, and being alone. Heart Conversations are an opportunity for us to get together, share our thoughts about some of these important topics, and to support each other.

Topics for December Heart Conversations are . . .

December 5 –  Your Relationship with Donald Trump

Unless you have no internet access, don’t own a television, and don’t interact with other human beings, Donald Trump is probably part of your human experience. Whether you agree with or are opposed to his ideology, he is probably, as someone at a recent Heart Conversation said, “Occupying some real estate in your mind.” And if you’re like the overwhelming majority of people in this country, you have an opinion on the man, and his views.
Whether you’re pro-Trump or anti-Trump, you’ve probably been challenged a time or two over the last few years. How are you doing? Are you able to maintain a healthy perspective on the situation? Are you able to approach Trump-charged situations constructively? Are you able to engage, in a civil way, with people whose views differ from yours? If not, do you aspire to change that?

December 19 – And What Were You Told?
From our mothers and fathers, from the mentors of our youth, including young friends who influenced us with their thinking, we absorbed a lot of wisdom, delusion, helpful hints, superstitions, and, perhaps, lies.  As we grew up, the voices fed us their views on Religion, Sex, Politics, Relationships, and what sports teams to root for.
What were you told?  What did you keep?  What do you most treasure?  What did you discard?  How long did it take you to change the old baggage?

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The sharing circles will follow a format similar to that of 12-step recovery meetings. Personal sharing, rather than academic or philosophical views, will be encouraged, “cross talking” will not be allowed, and all that is shared will be retained in confidence.

All sharing circles will be held outdoors, in the back garden of Light Art Space. Donations are welcomed, but not expected or required. Please note that these gatherings are in-person, not online; registration is required. To access, please enter through the big gate (with the Light Art Space sign) on Arizona between Broadway and Spring Streets. 

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