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Friends of Lotus

Monthly Recurring Donation

Through the Friends of Lotus program, you can pledge a monthly amount to support the work of our Center, and ensure our ongoing viability. Please consider becoming a Friend of Lotus with a monthly contribution.

As a Friend of Lotus, please know that you will be supporting the work of our Lotus Center in the following important ways . . .

You enable our Yoga in Public Schools program to flourish.  Offering yoga to youngsters is truly a special thing.  At some level, it’s more than bringing yoga to these schools; it’s about bringing mindfulness practice to young students who otherwise might not be exposed to this type of instruction until much later in life.  Many adults found our public education experience to be quite challenging at times, and we can’t help but think that their/our experience would have been supported by the availability of such essential practices.  Everyone associated with Lotus is proud that we, collectively, are providing a truly positive means for these young people to relate to themselves, their bodies, and the world in which they/we live.

You enable us to offer our other community service programs, such as Yoga for Veterans (offered at no charge to area Veterans, active service members, and their families) and Trauma-sensitive Yoga which we offer in partnership with Silver SASS (“sexual assault support services”).

You help create a peaceful community.  Our Lotus Center is playing a role in supporting and growing this peaceful energy.  Our center is a sanctuary that provides people the opportunity to move, meditate, reduce stress, and create more physical and emotional good health in their lives.  In short, Lotus is a place where people can come to learn and practice paths that enable them to realize a place of inner peace.  And that that inner peace translates to community peace.

Participate by printing, completing and mailing, or by bringing your pledge form to Lotus Center to authorize the set up of your monthly auto-debit. Please mail your form to: P.O. Box 21, Silver City, NM 88062.

Or, use our secure online form:

We extend our heartfelt thanks to current Friends of Lotus donors . . . 

Mike & Elli Sorensen
DeAnna Mooney
Peggy Spofford
Katherine Feist & Dave Krisch
Becky Glenn
Natalie Hall
Carol Morrison
Sandra Purnell
Lynda Aiman-Smith
Azima Forest
Dan Funsch
Marc Nevas
Mary Talbot

Jeff Goin
Peter Herzberg & Tina Oldknow
Cindy Livingston
Chris McIntosh
Suzanne Gershenson
Roberta Brown
Mimi Peterson
Tranquil Buzz Coffee House
Basira Nickle
Zoey Cronin
Teresa Hagerson
Kay Henderson

JoAnn Hall
Pamela Bryant
Robin Williams
Jacque Cusick
Susan Coe Brown
Chris Jepson & Harry Browne
Melvin Gelb & Mary Ann Finn
Cate Bradley
Marty Eberhardt
Unicorn Press
Colleen Kernahan
Don & Wendy Graves
Anita Williams

Christine Rickman
Virginia McIntyre
Bob Adams
Donna Stevens
Linda Deertrack
Jack & Nancy Brennan
Carmon Steven
Patricia Stone
Mike & Tammy Foley
York Morgan & Yessica Nograro
Jon & Andrea Walker
Deb Snider
Ardene Rickman