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Planned Giving

Estate Planning: Make a Plan to Support Your Lotus Center

The ongoing generosity of the people of our community helps to ensure the viability and sustainability of our community-owned, non-profit Lotus Center.  In order to broaden our outreach and bring benefit to more people, raising additional funds above and beyond fees from classes is imperative.  We continue to prove what we can accomplish together.  So, as you contemplate what Lotus Center means to you, and to our community, we invite you to support of our ongoing mission of bringing peace and well-being to the people of our community, and around the globe . . .

Did you know that planned gifts/estate planning is another means through which you can ensure that Lotus Center will continue to serve our community for generations to come? With these legacies of generosity, Lotus can continue to provide a place and a presence through which we can help southwest New Mexico continue become a place of peace in our world.

A simple and straight-forward means of support can be to name Lotus Center as a beneficiary of your will and/or trust with a one-time gift of cash or other asset(s) to be disbursed upon the settlement of your estate.

An equally-meaningful and straight-forward means of support is a Transfer on Death (TOD) Affidavit which permits the direct transfer of real property to the designated beneficiary or beneficiaries upon the death of the owner, thus avoiding Probate administration.

Most stock brokerage firms have standard TOD affidavit forms available upon request.  Other financial (e.g., bank account funds) and physical assets may be eligible for TOD Affidavits under New Mexico State law.

For help determining if your estate qualifies for bypassing probate, or for handling an estate in general, see The Executor’s Guide, by Mary Randolph, or Estate Planning Basics, by Denis Clifford.

Do you have questions about naming Lotus as a beneficiary of your will or trust?  If so, please write us at